Watermark Senior Stage Show – Vaudeville: Alive and Kickin’!!!

During the last month, we had an amazing night of entertainment as The Watermark Players present…..Vaudeville: Alive and Kickin’!!!
It was a great celebration of life as The Watermark Players present one of their most vivacious shows!

This show was a moving musical testament to living victoriously at any age and featuring solid gold Watermark singers, actors and yes, dancers too.

Fanny started off the show wonderfully with the introduction in French and Spencer as a translator. She also sang the song beautifully in French language!

Also, Jen, our Executive Director was able to move up to the supporting role of the play, which she sang and danced on a stage for the first time in a Senior Stage Show. During their performance, Ralph’s face was so happy and priceless when Jen danced around him and kissed on his cheek!!

The audience was surrounded by a big laughter when Reva, Fanny and Gerry sang the song “Ya Gotta Have A Gimmick” as they danced marvelously with their nice hip movement.

The performance was funny, moving and powerful, and definitely a night of fun!


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