Watermark Players Present: “Those Were the Days: A Tribute to Early American TV”

On a Wednesday night, January 24th, the proud Watermark players performed a beautiful play “Those Were the Days: A Tribute to Early American TV”.  The Senior Stage director Steve Hatzai and 14 Watermark actors and actresses worked so hard to practice on a weekly basis for the past 6 months for this fantastic show!

The Watermark Auditorium was packed with all the supportive audience members.

The show started off by emcee, Gerry Schneeberg, followed by a funny Watermark Kazoo Orchestra.

All the performers had either solo, duet and trio parts in the show, and they all were fantastic!  A couple of skits they did were very historical.

We had our executive Director, Jennifer Tapner, perform and sing a solo act. She entered the stage with a scooter saying it was her Chevrolet, and then began to sing “Chevrolet”. It was very cute and amusing! Jessica Lowe, our Community Life Director and a professional opera singer also performed as a guest, singing “I’m Shy”. Her performance was marvelous!

At the end, they all sang “Happy Trails To You” beautifully.

It was such an amazing night and congratulations to all the Watermark performers for this successful and fantastic performance!

Jessica's Performance
Our Community Life Director sang

Those Were the Days by Watermark Players
Watermark Players sang

Chiquita Banana Girl Commercial by Reva
Reva Rosard performed a Chiquita Banana Girl Commercial

Eagles Fight Song
Watermark Players sang Eagles Fight Song! Go Eagles!

I Love Lucy by Spencer and Reva
Spencer Anderson and Reva Rosard sang

Jen's Performance
Our director Jennifer Tapner sang

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