Watermark 2018 Expressions Art Show Winners!

Each year, The Watermark at Logan Square hosts an annual Expressions Calendar Competition and Art Show which invites resident artists to join together to celebrate the creativity cultivated by our community and the fine artists that are thriving here at The Watermark. We are proud to announce that there were many winners throughout the community. We would like to take this time and congratulate and thank everyone for their artistic submissions. Winners of the art show include Charlotte Campbell from The Gardens and Barry Levin from The Inn. Both masterpieces were created with a combination of watercolor and acrylic paints. Charlotte’s painting is titled “Springtime”. Charlotte added that she has always had a love for birds and animals. Creating this artwork was so much fun for her and she is already looking forward to her next artwork piece for next years submission. Barry’s artwork is titled “Fruit & Floral Still Life”. Barry enjoys creating art in many forms however, canvas art is by far his favorite. Each artist was exceptionally excited to display their artwork at the opening reception art show.

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