Residents Dee and Norman Levin’s Desire for Freedom Moved Them to The Watermark

You might just find, as Dee Levin did, that urban retirement communities offer more choices for living well than you ever imagined.

“The only downfall is the fact that I should have done it ten years sooner.” – Dee Levin, resident of The Watermark at Logan Square

You can learn a lot from someone who has been in your shoes. Their honest insight can help you navigate your way to the place that’s right for you, regardless of which community you choose. (All quotes contained in this post are excerpts from an interview conducted with Dee and Norman Levin on Friday, May 23rd, 2014. To read the full, un-edited transcript, please click here.)

Dee and Norman lived in a nice house in Huntington Valley. While Dee enjoyed her days as owner, top colorist and instructor at Salon Norman Dee in Northeast Philadelphia, Norman was stuck at home, literally. Confined to a wheelchair and unable to work due to illness, his days consisted of watching TV, reading and doing crossword puzzles. Dee knew, for Norman’s sake, they needed to make a change. “One of the problems was, that when you talk to the birds they don’t answer you, the rabbits ignore you, the deer eat your flowers and outside of that you can get very lonely in a beautiful big house.” – Dee Levin

If you’re anything like Dee Levin, the last thing you’re ready for is confinement. Ironically, confinement is exactly what Dee thought retirement communities represented before she discovered The Watermark. Now that she and her husband are experiencing the freedoms they were missing, she speaks passionately in favor of the lifestyle she avoided for so long. Living in the heart of Center City allows Dee and her husband, Norman, to enjoy more options than they ever had. They can go to the theater or to dinner and be home in ten minutes. Everything’s accessible. Had she only known all the freedoms they could enjoy, she would have moved in much sooner. That’s why she’s so eager to share her knowledge with others. “People should come here while they still can take advantage of it. Don’t wait. Life’s too short to wait.” – Dee Levin

Dee embarked on her search without Norman’s knowledge. She attended a Discovery Luncheon at The Watermark and liked what she saw so much she came back to quietly observe and liked it even more. Learning about supportive relocation services convinced her that the move was possible. Now she just needed to convince Norman. At first, he looked at her “like she had four heads” but seeing was believing. Their son was thrilled about it too. Their move in May of 2013 indeed gave Norman his life back. “He can go to the nearby parks, to Logan Square, down the corner and get some yogurt or stop in the Kite and Key and get a sandwich.” – Dee Levin

Dee was pleasantly surprised how much both their lives improved. She no longer has to drive Norman to so many appointments because he can get a blood test or an X-Ray right at home. They enjoy exercise classes, opera concerts and conversations. Plus with three bedrooms and three bathrooms facing Logan Square, they even have room to spread out. “I think that people have the wrong conception of what a retirement home is, a retirement home just takes you away from the responsibilities of taking care of your house…You can take advantage of a wonderful lifestyle here.” – Dee Levin



Meet Dee and Norman over a drink at The Mark or lunch in the Gallery Café. Just call 1-215-240-8915 to set up a time. Bring your questions and get honest answers straight from the source.



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