Resident Sali Neff is Enjoying an Active City Lifestyle at The Watermark

Everybody wants their independence, but if you crave more, you’ll find the best of both worlds in the right retirement community.

“I can go in and close the door, which is what I did before, but if I want to go down and look at the movie or whatever, I can do that without going out so I feel more comfortable here.” – Sali Neff, resident of The Watermark at Logan Square

You can learn a lot from someone who has been in your shoes. Their honest insight can help you navigate your way to the place that’s right for you, regardless of which community you choose. (All quotes contained in this post are excerpts from an interview conducted with Sali Neff on Monday, October 31st, 2016. To read the full, un-edited transcript, please click here.)

Sali was born in Atlantic City in 1926. She attended Drexel, Rutgers and GIA before becoming a professional jeweler and antique seller. This worldly grandmother has lived as far away as France but has always considered Philadelphia home. For many years she lived at Academy House and loved it, but she discovered she enjoys life even more since moving to The Watermark at Logan Square three years ago. She likes that she can walk to restaurants, hop on a bus to see the Bolshoi or simply relax whenever she wishes. Reading and painting are currently two of Sali’s favorite hobbies.

Do you ever find yourself questioning whether your present living arrangement is your best choice for this stage of your life? If so, you’re not alone. For many singles and couples approaching their 70s, the thought of living in a choice-filled community setting becomes more appealing as they begin to think practically about their present and future well-being. Regardless of your motivations, you can’t possibly judge what’s best for you until you explore your options. “I came here because I felt I should not be living alone. I like this particularly because there’s medical assistance here should I need it. I’ve made a lot of friends. A cousin of mine was here when I moved here. I had already investigated three or four places in this area and found this to be the best. It has a lot of things to do.” – Sali Neff

When Sali finally realized that she would probably feel more comfortable living in a community setting, she looked at many options before selecting a 1,100 square foot, two-bedroom residence at The Watermark. Among other things, she liked its location, choice-filled schedule and the fact that it had rehabilitation facilities on site. “…one was sort of a garden type place and my son said, ‘This is in the country, ma, you’ll like it.’ And I said, ‘No, I won’t like it, I’m a city girl. I don’t want to live in the country.’ One had miles of corridors to walk through. One had no real medical facilities. And this had the best location.” – Sali Neff

“…you can be as busy as you like or as relaxed as you like. There are 100 things to do. There are places to be driven in a bus so that you know you’re comfortable, you know you have a ride home and you know you’re not alone, which is very important. When you get to be around this age – most of our people are at least in their high 70s to 90s and we got a few tipping 100 – it’s nice to know you can go someplace and still not be alone.” – Sali Neff


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Meet Sali over a drink at The Mark or coffee in the Gallery Café. Just call 1-215-240-8915 to set up a time. Bring your questions and get honest answers straight from the source.

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