Resident Howard Green is Enjoying the Good Life at The Watermark

Living in a retirement community is apartment living with convenient services that make life easier and a lot more fun.

“Of course the meal situation is wonderful. And then you have medical facilities right in the building, which [Executive House] didn’t have. The transportation, how you go to different places is wonderful. And the interaction between the people is fabulous.” – Howard Green, resident of The Watermark at Logan Square

You can learn a lot from someone who has been in your shoes. Their honest insight can help you navigate your way to the place that’s right for you, regardless of which community you choose. (All quotes contained in this post are excerpts from an interview conducted with Howard Green on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015. To read the full, un-edited transcript, please click here.)

Howard is a lifelong Philly resident who graduated from Cheney College and Temple University. As a former math teacher, he continues to love the subject and still tutors students. He also loves bowling, takes computer classes and is a genius at Sudoku. For many years, Howard lived at the Executive House on City Avenue. At 82, his three children helped him figure out a way to keep enjoying the city he loves while also benefiting from chef-prepared meals and so much more. In addition to the good life, Howard enjoys overlooking Logan Square from his 20th floor apartment, a vantage point he found particularly exciting during the Pope’s visit.

Is your present home the best setting for you to live your best life today andtomorrow? As they reel in the years, many people don’t bother to assess their living situation until a crisis arises. They just figure they’ll make do as long as they can, not realizing that it’s taking a toll on their health. The great news is that moving to the right retirement community at the right time does not mean giving up privacy or independence. On the contrary, those who have done it will tell you their move enhanced their lives in ways they never would have appreciated had they not taken that leap of faith. “Executive House was a nice place, a very nice place but it’s, but they didn’t have eating facilities or a lot of the wonderful things that they have here.” – Howard Green

As an Army veteran, Howard knows how to tough out a situation as well as anyone. That about sums up what living alone in an apartment was becoming at his age. Tough. His three kids finally convinced him to explore his options and that’s when he discovered The Watermark at Logan Square. He was amazed by the whole package. Comparing the pros and cons of moving, the pros won by a landslide and he moved here in August of 2014. “The first time I came to the front door I was happy to find a place that would feed me. I love to eat so that was fabulous.” – Howard Green

While three meals a day was the drawing card for Howard, he has since discovered there’s a whole lot more to love about retirement community living, most importantly unlimited access to fun with friends. “If you’re looking for a place that is sociable, that you can talk to people, that you can have fun, laugh and joke, we have a ball at dinner time. I eat with five guys and you know we razz each other and talk and have a lot of fun. You know it’s a very sociable place.” – Howard Green


You, your friends and family will always enjoy impeccable cuisine and gracious service in our beautiful atrium dining room or Terrace Café and balcony garden.DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT
Meet Howard over a drink at The Mark or coffee in the Gallery Café. Just call 1-215-240-8915 to set up a time. Bring your questions and get honest answers straight from the source.

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