Poetry Café and Open Mic Night – An evening of stories, song and poetry at The Watermark.

Poetry, song and stories have had a long oral tradition. Whether words are being declaimed from a stage, whispered in a coffee house or shouted in a bar, these presentations keep the history of poetry as an oral art alive. In August, the performance of poetry, stories and song at The Watermark flourished, showcasing creative writing, musical talents and funny stories that were enjoyed by all. The atmosphere was casual, cool and comfortable for even the most inexperienced reader to take the stage and share what was in his or her heart. The evening really seemed to bring the community together and was enjoyed by all. We were entertained by the bass voice of Spencer Anderson and listened intently as Clara Solomon shared a heartfelt poem written by her granddaughter in honor of her sixteenth birthday. Printed below is a portion of Reva Rosard’s humorous poem, An Ode to the Watermark. Enjoy!

In the year 2016 on a cold February day, two people decided to move from King of Prussia to somewhere not far away. Now these two people named Reva and Dan, thought long and hard for a suitable plan. To make them as happy and fulfilled as they can, make them close to their doctors to increase their lifespan and keep their health a top priority plan. As they thought so long for this magical place, Watermark came to mind to fill this special space. Beading and knitting, short story discussion, poker and bridge, bank and food transportation. Concerts and theater and sports review, what more could you want to participate and pursue? We visit New Hope and Morris Arboretum, King Midas exhibit at the Penn Museum. Now where could you get Armchair Fitness or Yoga class, Tai Chi and Nature walking, don’t let your chances pass. French class with Fanny, Line Dancing and Art, all this enrichment will make you so alert and so smart. We are so glad we chose Watermark! – Written by Reva Rosard

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