Pharmacy Students Visit The Watermark

A group of pharmacy students from the University of the Sciences provided the residents of The Inn with a site visit. For starters, the group of students were amazing, as they jumped right in without any hesitation and immediately started engaging in programs with our residents. The site visit was to give the pharmacy students early experience and exposure to the practice of pharmacy outside the walls of the College of Pharmacy. The tasks to be completed by the students were assisting with programs and then to conduct personal interviews. We had a fantastic time getting to know the students. We broke off in pairs and played a fun and exciting brain fitness word game called “what’s your word”. The students were amazed at the multitude of words that the residents came up with. After we tallied the score we had over 500 words. Wow, this score will be impossible to break. Our residents had a fun-filled morning and is looking forward to the students return.

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