Mother & Daughter Bond Strengthened through Watermark University Course

There is nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her daughter. Recently, we caught up with Muriel “Mitzi” Nexum and her daughter Nancy. Nancy has enjoyed teaching a weekly Printmaking course at The Watermark since 2017 and shared how this class has provided her with a unique avenue to relate to her mother.

Mitzi remembers her youth as a wonderful time in her life. She met her husband Richard when she was a senior in high school when he was a camp counselor. Shortly thereafter, he joined the service and Mitzi enrolled at a college in Boston for Fashion Design. Two weeks after his return, the couple married and hosted a beautiful luncheon at a hotel in Boston. When Nancy was born, Mitzi remembers having a fantastic nurse and wishes now that she would have retained her services for longer. Both Nancy and Mitzi agree that Nancy and her brother Steve, were very well behaved as children. Nancy commented that she didn’t even have a curfew because her parents trusted her commitment to returning home at the agreed upon time. The most difficult thing about parenting was finding things to keep the kids busy, but Mitzi was blessed to have her mother live with her family. Her mother cooked meals, looked after the children and provided Mitzi and Richard with a respite when they went away on vacation together. Nancy remembers her summers spent at the community pool, grilling in the backyard and relaxing on the patio. Mitzi recalled that family gatherings during the holidays were always highly anticipated and very important traditions. Nancy remembers her parents taking her to New York City as a child, going to see Radio City Music Hall and staying overnight in a posh hotel and both remembered the trip to Bermuda where everyone got sunburnt! Their favorite family vacation was to Cape Cod where they rented a salt box cottage. Nancy distinctly remembers the smell of the salty air each morning.

With a background in fashion, Mitzi has maintained a keen sense of style and is always beautifully dressed. Nancy commented that even the smallest details are of vital importance to her mom and Mitzi taught her daughter to always look her best because she may not know who she is going to run into. Being a mother has made Mitzi more responsible and she made sure to pass along good habits so that her children would be able to care for themselves. Mitzi believes Nancy is a lot like her and expressed how proud she is of Nancy for all of her volunteer efforts. Although Mitzi stated that she can’t stay current on all of Nancy’s pursuits, Nancy loves that her mom is still very determined to keep up at the age of 95!

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