Laps of Love!

Residents of The Gardens enjoyed a wonderful walk in the park to honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Residents bundled up the morning of October 22nd, 2015 and we headed to the park to walk laps of love to support those that are survivors of the disease and for those who lost their courageous fight of breast cancer. Residents were eager to begin each lap. In between laps we listened to stories of those that shared their personal stories of the disease. We had decadent donuts that were glazed with pink icing in honor of breast cancer. You simply cannot have a decadent donut without a hot cup of coffee. It’s perfect pairing! After we completed several laps we safely made our return to The Watermark to share our adventure with others. Residents and associates had a wonderful time and not only was the walk physical is was also educational. Wow! what a wonderful and meaningful way to share our time together.

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