Japanese Culture Week

During the week of April 3rd to the 7th, we enjoyed Japanese Culture Week here at The Watermark at Logan Square. The residents seemed to appreciate all of the fun activities which included a Presentation on Japan, Origami & Suminagashi Art, Japanese Music, and Sushi & Yakisoba Noodle Making Demonstration!

On Monday, April 3rd, Saori Cheth our Community Life Assistant who is originally from Japan, provided a presentation about the country of the Rising Sun, their unique culture, food, and about her family in Japan. She wore a Kimono (Japanese traditional clothing) and demonstrated how to wear and tie the Obi belt with the residents at The Watermark. The residents looked very beautiful in the Kimono! The audience members also tasted some Japanese snacks – “Pie No Mi Chocolates” and “Amanatto” (sweet red beans) that Saori’s mother sent from Japan.

On Tuesday April 4th, we enjoyed exploring some Japanese traditional art: Suminagashi (paper marbling) and Origami (paper folding) activities. We had a great time making hand-made cards with Suminagashi (marbling) techniques. We also made Origami paper cranes and paper flowers for the residents to take home!

On Wednesday April 5th, Jessica Lowe, the Community Life Director did a beautiful presentation about Japanese traditional music. The various types of instruments that they used in Japanese traditional music were mind-blowing and also very different from Eastern culture.

On Friday April 7th, Saori gave Japanese cooking lessons. She showed residents how to make California sushi roll and Yakisoba fried noodles. The residents had a hands-on experience, learning how to make some sushi-rice and how to roll them into a sushi roll! Some residents have never had sushi before. However, they seemed to enjoy making some sushi and eating them after all!

It was a great success and such a fun week. Thank you to all the residents who participated in all the activities during the Japanese cultural week! Arigatou!

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