I Hope You Dance

With shows like Dancing With the Stars in full swing, dancing is becoming one of America’s favorite pastimes and this May, we discovered that we truly know how to move to music at The Watermark! We started our month-long infatuation with the art of dance during our Roaring Twenties Party where couples and friends crowded the dance floor for upbeat numbers, swayed in time to ballads and even circled the performer, Glenn Miller, as he harmonized on his accordion. Glenn would stop the music on occasion to crack a joke or warn us of the impending “police” since Prohibition was in full swing.

Jen Tapner also took a full bus of residents on an evening trip to Prospector’s, a restaurant and night club in Mount Laurel where residents put on their cowboy hats and learned a few steps alongside Jennifer and line dancing teacher, Judy Smolen. Residents raved about the event and can’t wait to get back to party all night long later this year.

Lastly, we joined in on the fun at the Big Huge Yiddish Dance Party in Mount Airy and were surprised to find dancers of all ages circling the floor, swirling and twirling without missing a beat. Several residents took to the floor while others kept time by clapping to the music. We experienced first hand how dancing provides physical, psychological and social benefits galore, so next time you get the choice to sit it out or dance, we hope you put on dancing shoes and follow along!

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