Gold Medal Flavors of the Olympics with Robert Weinberg from City Food Tours

This February, residents at the Watermark at Logan Square were treated to a very special afternoon when Robert Weinberg and Eric Matzke, unabashed foodies and owners of City Food Tours, shared samples of some of the world’s best specialty foods in celebration of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. City Food Tours is a top rated Philly attraction and gives visitors and hometown foodies the opportunity to join entertaining food experts on an insider’s exploration of different flavors.

During this Gold Medal taste of foods from each continent, residents had the opportunity to sample delicious treats from all over the world. Countries featured all had one thing in common – they are all top 10 Winter Olympic medaling countries during this year’s games. Featured foods included stuffed grape leaves: a specialty from Greece, Nova lox with a honey mustard spread from Sweden, German beer, Japanese ice cream, a Dutch cheese and kimchi filled dumplings to represent our host country, South Korea. Some residents were quite adventurous and willingly tried each sample. Some were a little more reserved and only bit off a nibble. Many enjoyed the Dutch cheese, nicknamed “Prima Donna.” It was very creamy and rich. Others preferred the salmon. Paired with a whole wheat cracker and a little spread, this too was quite tasty. The stuffed grape leaves were interesting. Purchased from the Reading Terminal Market, they had a pickled flavor and were filled with rice. Robert then whipped up a batch of kimchi dumplings over heat. As he sauteed the dish, he told witty jokes and shared the inside scoop about how each food was made and the quirky stories behind their creation. He warned residents that the kimchi would be spicy but that didn’t stop the majority of the crowd. Although many had never tasted kimchi before, most found the spiced cabbage quite agreeable. Last, we tried green Japanese ice cream. This dessert did not look too appetizing, but many really enjoyed the flavor. Others found the texture of the rice coating really strange.

Overall, we had a wonderful afternoon. We learned a lot from Eric and Robert’s well-prepared presentation and laughed and laughed at Robert’s jokes! Thanks guys for planning such a special event for us at The Watermark!!

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