Father’s Day Recap

This June, we pulled out all the stops as we honored and celebrated the men at The Watermark. Men who love and care for their children, men who have set firm boundaries & taught children about love and respect, men who worked to provide for the household, men who were role models or men who could do just about anything they set their minds to in the eyes of their children.

We took a fascinating trip to the Simeone Auto Museum, with a group tour led by Jim, a very knowledgeable associate of the museum who shared historical information as well as personal stories about each of the vehicles we viewed as we traveled through time and saw cars that dated back to 1909. This quintessential showcase of antique racing cars was presented on a bed of elaborate backdrops to make you feel like you were in Italy during the Mille Miglia, in early America or at the 24 hour Le Mans Race in France. Afterwards, we stopped for a quick bite to eat at Nifty Fifty’s Diner. Their menu was enormous and we had lots of fun trying their different smothered fries and milkshakes.

We also hosted an entertaining Men’s Sports Bar Social, for an afternoon filled with table games, beer, snacks, prizes and a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones! There was a table for poker enthusiasts, blackjack connoisseurs, and roulette for those who took a chance on lady luck. We even hosted a game of Pokeno, a mix between poker and bingo. We had so much fun turning this hidden gem of a lounge into a true man cave with beer, sports and pretty lady posters adorning the walls and even dug up some old neon beer lights for old times’ sake. Between the tasty Philadelphia style snacks, good camaraderie and fantastic prizes for our winners, The Watermark Sports Bar was a hit!

Lastly, we hosted a Beef and Beer Luncheon with special guest speaker Rabbi Eli Freedman. After a brief technical difficulty, Eli engaged all of the guys in dialogue based around his recent inter-faith trip to Abu Dhabi, showing us pictures of their grand palaces, beautiful artwork, deserts, camels and more. He talked about his work with Rodeph Shalom and how it is important for people of all faiths to work together and get along. Lunch consisted of foods ranging from hot roast beef to cold salads, chips, cookies and over 20 craft beer choices. Eli discussed his love of beer and his research on the history of Judaism as it relates to beer. He promised he would come back soon as a special guest speaker at our Beer Club!

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