The Gardens Residents – Extraordinary Outing to Ocean City!

The Gardens of The Watermark Logan Square had an exhilarating extraordinary outing to Ocean City, NJ. on June 16th, 2015. We packed a picnic lunch, plenty of sunscreen along with sun visors, and off we went for a day of fun in the sun. Residents enjoyed the soothing ride to Ocean City frequently gazing out the windows at various landmarks. Upon our arrival  we ate a hearty lunch which consisted of sandwiches, fresh fruit, cookies and lets not forget Ocean City boardwalks famous curly fries.

After we ate we strolled throughout the boardwalk visiting many vendors and eateries. Residents enjoyed old fashioned custard along with homemade fudge and salt water taffy that were in at least 25 different flavors. We visited a candy shop that made salt water taffy on the premise. Residents were amazed to see the lengthy process of making salt water taffy.

The boardwalk and beach was filled with people and vacationers enjoying some beach fun. Residents were delighted to watch the waves and take in the aroma of the beach. When asking residents what was their favorite part of the trip, many residents stated that the trip reminded them of days at the beach with their family. This trip was an absolute day of fun & laughter.

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