Enjoying the Fall!

The leaves haven’t quite turned yet, but we are making sure to get outside before the winter comes. This week our residents went on two wonderful outdoor excursions to enjoy the brisk fall weather.

Our first adventure took us to visit the Auburn Road Winery. While we were only 45 minutes from Philadelphia in South Jersey, it felt like we were in the south of France! We tasted 8 different wines, enjoyed fresh baked bread and cheese, and learned a little about the grapes that can grow in that area. After the tasting, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful day and take in the vineyard views. The residents were joined by our Executive Director, Jennifer Tapner, and her husband Jon. It was a memorable afternoon filled with lots of laughter, delicious wine, and beautiful scenery. Cheers!

The next outdoor adventure was to a hidden gem on the south side of Philadelphia. Countless people drive by this location on their way to the airport, but few know of the beautiful Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. A group of nature loving residents went for a tour of the visitors center and a guided nature walk, which brought them into an oasis just outside of the city. According to their website, “The John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum is America’s First Urban Refuge and was established in 1972 for the purpose of preserving, restoring, and developing the natural area known as Tinicum Marsh, to promote environmental education, and to afford visitors an opportunity to study wildlife in its natural habitat. The refuge is a green respite nestled within the urban setting of the city of Philadelphia. Refuge lands are a thriving sanctuary teeming with a rich diversity of fish, wildlife, and plants native to the Delaware Estuary. Healthy and productive expanses of freshwater tidal marsh, open waters, mudflats, and woodlands support the hundreds of species that breed, rear their young, rest during migration, or call the refuge home year-round.”

Who knew there was such a place so close to the Watermark? We will definitely be back for many visits in the future.

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