Dumpster Diving Art Exhibit!

Today a small group of art-loving residents went for a visit to the Dupree Gallery for a tour of the special Dumpster Divers exhibition. For those of you who are not familiar, there is a group of creative re-use artists that have been working together since 1992 to create art from found objects. They call themselves the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, and they make beautiful art from other people’s trash!

According to the Dumpster Divers website, “they have only one unbreakable rule: ‘you can’t end a meeting until you decide where the next one will be held,’ but plenty of maxims. There’s the time-tested “Rule of a Hundred” which, according to co-founder Neil Benson, holds that “something you would not take one of, you will take 100 of”. (Think pencils, buttons and bottle caps….) And there’s sage trash-picking advice: If you kick a trash bag and it’s soft, move on. Never dive into a dumpster if you can’t get out. (And, yes, it is rarely necessary to actually climb in.) And most important: Always leave a trash site neater than you found it. The message behind the fun? That the richest society in history needs to find a more sustainable way to use (and reuse) its dwindling resources. To quote Neil Benson, ‘Trash is simply a failure of imagination.'”

The Dumpster Divers have been recognized all over the city, and their work can be found in dozens of local galleries and museums. Their work is proof that one man’s trash can be another’s treasure! Our residents truly enjoyed their personal visit to the gallery, and we look forward to learning more about the Dumpster Divers and visiting the Dupree Gallery again in the future!



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