Day Trip & Cookout at the Cape May Zoo

On August 3rd, we experienced a life on the wild side as we took a day trip to the Cape May zoo! It was a perfect weather for our zoo outing.

Jessica and Saori joined 10 residents on the trip to the zoo. We hosted a Hot Dog and Burger B-B-Q Picnic in the pavilion at the shaded park right outside the zoo before heading in to party with the animals. Jessica was the chef for the day! She made delicious hot dogs and burgers!  All the residents seemed to enjoy the picnic at the park with some nice relaxing music.

After we were satisfied and our stomachs were full, we headed inside the Cape May Zoo. At the zoo, they have a collection of more than 550 animals throughout their accessible wildlife habitat where animals have room to roam. Although we were not able to see all the animals they had, we found tigers, monkeys, an emu, black swans, many beautiful birds at the birdhouse, and so many more. We walked around at the zoo for about an hour, and it was a great exercise for everyone!

We were all impressed with more than 85 acres of lush country gardens, leisurely atmosphere and the extensive natural environment to explore at the Cape May Zoo.

Overall, it turned out to be a fantastic trip and all the residents seemed to have a wonderful time.

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