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I liked Watermarks better, and it is also in town. It seemed friendlier, more amenable, and a nice place in general. There seemed to be a lot of activities. It seems really pretty, clean, and they had a shuttle. It is a very nice place; they had a nice library, they had offered courses — like you could take French— and seemed a little more expensive. It is very attractive and well-maintained. I think there was a special lunch, and they invited us to come.

Review by Shelby5

Our love affair began a few weeks ago when the dream of living in center city Philadelphia became a possibility. Now a reality for me and my husband for one week, The Watermark feels like a luxury hotel, and like home at the same time. An extraor-dinarily friendly and helpful staff, fine restaurant eager to please, daily activities exercising both body and mind – all are already evident. Stimulating conversations with real people sharing interests and life stories are easily engaged in, views of the city are spectacular. In love, yes. Hoping to live here for a long time, yes. No place could be a happier one.

Review by Myrna Bloom Marcus

My friend has been in the “Memory Gardens” unit, which is the only locked area in the building. He has a wonderful, caring staff who learned his “ways” and work to help him to integrate with the other residents. His unit (a very large, private room) is kept clean by staff, even though he tends to be a packrat. The staff works with the residents to keep residents occupied and involved. During my visits, I stop by to speak with the full-charge nurse 2x week. We discuss what she sees and what might need intervention. Care and knowledge of my friend’s needs and behavior is important to me. She is on top of that and its clear to me that her dedication is an important part of who she is and how she runs the area. Footnote: many members of the area’s staff have been there 6,7 10 years at Watermark. That suggests that Watermark does what it can to prevent “burnout” and treats their staff well. I’m glad my friend is at Watermark.

Review by Alfredo2

“I have a brother-in-law at The Watermark and a couple of friends. They’re happy that they’re there. It’s very posh. It’s very expensive. I’ve had meals there. The food is absolutely top shelf, and the accommodations, depending on what you’re paying for, can be deluxe. It’s definitely the nicest place.

Their dining room is super. As far as the accommodations, I guess it’s what you’re willing to pay. My brother-in-law has a very nice 1-bedroom. He has a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and plenty of storage space, and he has help coming in. As far as I know, he’s fine and as happy as he can be. There are programs all over the place. They have a barber shop and a beauty parlor. It’s like a high class hotel and a beautiful building in the downtown area, and they have a bus that takes you farther downtown to the shopping center. It’s very convenient. If you don’t want to take a bus, or if you’ve missed the bus, there are always cabs around to get. It has every amenity you can think of, but that’s why it’s so expensive. ”

Review by Jean48

The Watermark at Logan Square has better financial considerations. I don’t think there are any buy-ins there that is above $300,000. Watermark compensates by being in Philadelphia and having access to all of the activities. If I want to take a class, I walk across the street to the community college. If I want to go to a restaurant, I walk half a block down the street. The apartments are a little pedestrian or not particularly excitable; however, the option does exist at the Watermark to have the apartments renovated to your taste if you’re willing to pay for half the cost.

Review by Robert825818

I took a short tour at Watermark, but it was a nice facility. They have one with a little kitchenette and two bedrooms that I really liked. It’s a nice neighborhood, and they have shuttles that will take you into town where you can reach hospitals and shopping centers. The people that were showing us around were very informative. We were invited to a nice lunch, and the food was very good with lots of variety in the menu. They have instructors for computer classes and a library as part of their activities.

Review by Caring0521

The entry fee at The Watermark at Logan Square is something we could afford, unlike other places. It isn’t cheap, but we like everything they have. The food is good, and my mom’s apartment is really nice. They have activities and amenities where the seniors don’t have to go out if they don’t want to. They have little plays and shows for the community, a clinic, entertainment for the clients, and stretching or exercise classes for those that are able to do it. They also have bus trips downtown and to the supermarket, and every night they have a movie. For those that are able to read, they have a huge library.

Review by Pat

Aaaahh.. talk about retiring in style. This is the complete package if you ask me. Has a five-star hotel themed setting and comes with everything one requires; a fitness center, barbershop and lady’s salon, massage parlor, chefs, a bar, front patios and balconies that over-look the rest of the city and a 24 hour staff on stand-by for one’s every need. Been to a number of retirement facilities and can say this ranks high and is among one the better managed retirement centers there is within the Philadelphia area. If I was ever to retire tomorrow and having to consider a home away from my home, this would be it.


Review by elemide

We found The Watermark (The Watermark at Logan Square) for my father. It is a beautiful place. The staff is great. They’re excellent. Regarding the room, it is clean. They re-did everything. They re-did the closet and re-painted the wall. It looked like brand new. Food is delicious. With regards to activities, they have trips. They have a bus that goes around the city. They have Bible studies and church. They have a whole lot of different things — more than bingo. As far as security, they’re secured. They have security there. One thing they could improve on is their elevators.

Review by Caring95553550

I am a resident, living independently, at the Watermark for a little over 3 years. And the mistake I made was not moving in sooner. My husband was a stroke survivor and for the most part, confined to a wheel chair. He had a great personality, and when sitting at the dinner table no one would not know he could not use his left side. It soon became apparent that even with a wonderful care giver, his days were lonely because I still went out to work, (and I still do) and his activities had limitations. Ergo, I decided it was time to think about retirement living. I researched and visited every retirement community in the Philadelphia area. All were lovely, but I felt that if there was a big fence around it, I would be in jail. Then I found the Watermark. It offered the care and activities for my husband and the conveniences of the city with the shopping, theater, parks, etc. for me. We moved in and strangers soon became friends. The community was caring and inviting. We felt safe and secure knowing a nurse was on duty 24 hours a day and emergency cords were available in our apartment. Yes, we made the right decision, but we should have moved in sooner. The quality of the food is rated by our residents. And we know we can’t please everyone.  But the residents here give the food a 91 to a 98 percent approval rating.   And if you think we are all sitting around doing nothing, think again. There is always something to do, if one wants to do it. In addition to the in house activities that are available, our loop bus takes us up and down Chestnut and Walnut streets dropping us off and picking us up at every corner on the hour. When my husband had to go to re-hab, our care giver was with him. I do believe the excellent care provided by the physical therapists was instrumental to his quick recovery. A year later. when my husband passed, my friends asked if I was going to move. My answer was, “do I have idiot written on my forehead”. I don’t have to shop for food, cook the food, or clean up after my self after I eat. Once a week my linens are changed and my king size bed is made and my apartment is cleaned. I don’t have to change a light bulb or have any maintenance responsibilities. The only concern I have now is “living the life ” and Watermark is the place that I enjoy doing it.

Review by Doris L.

The Watermark is truly amazing. The amount of programs and activities for the residents is fantastic. They have a bus that loops the city every hour. The views of the city from the apartments are breathtaking. I am truly happy to be working here and be able to provide such deluxe accommodations to our existing and future residents.

Review by Alex Berol

My sister and I moved our mom here 12 years ago after my father passed away. She was only 80 and in good health at the time and continues to live in the independent area at 92. It took her a while to get used to it but she will tell you now it is the best thing she ever did. She plays cards, see’s shows and has made friends. It is much closer to where we live so we are able to see her more often. The staff has been caring. I agree that the only complaint is the amount the unit is raised in regard to rent annually. When she was hospitalized and needed a bit of rehab she was able to have her friends from the building visit her which was great. All in all it’s been great for her.

Review by Bonnie Eisner

I am a recent addition to The Watermark at Logan Square and I have to say it really is a remarkable place to work. The residents who live here are very welcoming and incredibly easy to work with, they are understanding and patient. I enjoy walking into the dining room everyday greeting and talking with the residents, sharing in their daily lives, listening to their stories and they are genuinely interested in mine. It’s a beautiful building with so many accommodations, friendly and helpful staff. It is a one of a kind place to live.

Review by April MacDonald

In a few months, it will be five stress-less, wonderful years living at the Watermark and this could be you. I say stress-less and wonderful because the residents here have whatever one needs or desires to have this kind of life. Let me elaborate: the quality of our food and the dining experience is given a 95-58% approval by our residents. Can’t get better than that. Our apartments are cleaned, linens changed and beds made once a week. Less work for mother. Security is round the clock, so we feel safe and protected. A very good feeling. A doctor, podiatrist, dermatologist, audiologist, dentist, etc. are in the building and a nurse is available twenty-four seven. Hospitals are stone throw away. Hopefully you won’t need these services, but it’s good to know they are here. If I start tell you about the abundant diversified in house activities we have, it would take the entire page. Add to that our off site excursions to “wherever we want to go” and you realize we are kept busy all the time if we wish it. Or, just stay in our apartments and cuddle up with a good book. WE MAKE OUR CHOICES.. We are centrally located, convenient to museums, parks, restaurants and a ten minute ride to the theaters, Kimmel Center and the Academy of Music. Our Watermark bus takes us to downtown shopping, dropping us off and picking us up at every Septa stop starting at 9:30 AM. It’s nice to have lunch and shop and not have to drive. Residents here, carve out the life style they enjoy. Some go to NYC for lunch and to see a show, some have taken cruises and vacations together and others attend classes a OLLI. That is OLLI Life Long Learning which is held in Temple University’ center city campus. (and of course our bus takes us there and brings us home.) There is much, much more that I can write, but I would rather you see for yourself. So come pay us a visit. I am Chairperson of the Welcoming Committee and it would be my pleasure to introduce YOU to a stress-less wonderful life.

Review by Doris Levin

My parents have lived at the Watermark for a few years now and I am very pleased with the care and attention they have received thus far. I was particularly impressed with the Marketing and Sales team. Ever since my parents made their decision to move in, it was comforting to know that we had a nice group of people who would be there for us, every step of the way. I feel comfortable knowing my parents are here, safe and happy.

Review by Janet Smith

My folks moved into the independent living section 10 months ago. And, they felt “at home” almost instantly. The professional staff worked with us in customizing/decorating the apartment to suit my parents’ need. And, the overall orientation process was pleasant and easy. While the spacious apartment allows my parents their privacy, they also enjoy the casual socializing, dining experience, and planned activities. And, the on-site physicians and physical therapy are a great convenience. They also enjoy the in-town location. It’s safe and clean. And, they can walk to coffee shops, Whole Foods, etc. when they feel up to it.

Review by Stuart Moss

Watermark at Logan Square…how do I love thee, let me count the ways…(borrowed from some poet,whose name escapes me. I AM 77,for goodness sake!)

The general environment, inside and outside, is lovely and reminiscent of a fine home on a grand estate. Further in this beautiful place one feels, and indeed, is safe. Security staff is clearly on duty at all hours. The personnel at the front desk are also attentive to this, observing the many video screens, with cameras placed throughout the property, and also handling phone calls and visitors in a pleasant and welcoming manner.

All of the staff associates in the various departments are cooperatve and ready to help, many times without being asked. They are more than courteous and warm, really cordial.

The dining service has been changed from as a fine restaurant to very restricted and inflexible choices, less like the former home like environment than an institution with budget driven elements. Most residents are quite unhappy with ineffective response from management. Very disappointed with recent changes and this contrasted with the rest of my review. Overall, the servers act professionally, with a generally pleasant demeanor. Residents have their favorites, though the staff is rotated regularly.

The housekeeping department works constantly to maintain a clean and comfortable place, in the apartments and the shared/”public areas”.

The maintenance department is quick to respond to requests for repairs and help of various kinds, whether plumbing, electrical and other issues.

The transportation system here is very helpful, with drivers being a key to the smooth operation, whether on routine scheduled routes or special trips. The same department is involved in arranging activities. movies and other entertainment, offering enough and of variety to keep interested residents as busy as they desire.

Residents are also active in many programs, classes and other activities that they create/generate themselves. The library is an example where it is the skill and energy of residents that oversees the collection of printed material, CDs and other items.

While there are other divisions here, these comments are written by a resident in independent living. In sum, many things have not been mentioned, but this should be considered a decent place for matue adults of any ability level, physical and mental.

Review by Rockyeveryman

I have worked in many communities, but The Watermark at Logan Square is by far one of my favorites. The associates, the residents, the families all make it THRIVE! We try our best everyday and succeed by making each day a successful one. I hope to be a part of The Watermark at Logan Square team for a very long time.

Review by Amy Snyder

My friend in the Memory Garden section of the nursing facility has memory issues. It is the only locked area in the facility. He receives excellent attention from the staff who know him and treat him with care and understanding and always dignity. Many of that staff have been there over 10 years. Among the staff there appears to be a sense of belonging and family. My mother was in the nursing part of the Watermark in the 1990’s before she died at age 84. She had good care and spoke well of the staff.

Review by Bert Gregory

Watermark is a very attractive place! I met staff who found time to give me a wonderful tour and answer my questions. I felt comfortable there and know why the residents are very happy to be living there!!

Review by A Place For Mom Customer

I really enjoyed my tour of this community. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. The place was very open and pleasant to walk through. The community offered a mixture of activities which I enjoyed. The reason we did not choose this community was simply because my loved one was not ready for this level of care yet.

Review by Philadelphia, PA Visitor

Stimulating activities for the mind and body, good food, friendships, medical care, security, all while residing in a many-windowed, sound proof modern apartment high above beautiful Logan Square in Center City Philadelphia, with no less than seven museums in walking distance!

Review by Junia Oliansky

I would give The Watermark at Logan Square top marks across the board, our experience has been a very positive one. The place is clean and nice looking, and the staff are friendly and caring. They’ve got a lot to provide for the residents, and do a great job looking out for everyone!

Review by Philadelphia, PA Family

The Watermark at Logan Square has everything you could ever want in a retirement community. There are several dining options, an entire catalog of programs and activities, you are minutes away from various museums and exhibits. They have a bus that loops through the city all day long. Having seen most communities in the greater Philadelphia area there is no doubt this is by far the nicest community I have seen.

Review by Philadelphia, PA Visitor

My 88 year old mom recently moved to the Watermark from another independent living facility in the suburbs. Taking advantage of a discounted rate, we made the decision quickly and it has been a terrific experience. From scheduling several site visits to the application process to the move to the amazing welcome – it has been extremely positive every step of the way. The people in the independent living portion are smart, interesting, with-it, warm and friendly. The staff are available, attentive, helpful and respectful. My mom has a beautiful apartment with amazing views. She is just getting settled in, but soon plans to take advantage of a huge array of activities – lectures, trips, bridge, movies, etc. And now, instead of an hour’s drive, I can pop over in ten minutes, join Mom for dinner (the dining room is like a restaurant), take her to a concert, go shopping or just hang out in our beautiful city. Thanks to Alex and his team for making this transition so smooth.

Review by Cathryn C.

The Community Life Team put on a Casino night. It was the best event that I have been to in a retirement community. They had horse racing, Blackjack, Texas hold em, Roulette, and Craps. The entire Management team were dealers and cocktail servers. The residents were having so much fun and talking about making it a monthly event. Way to go Watermark.

Review by Charlie H.

I have had the privilege of rehabbing @ Watermark 2 times. The care is phenomenal + the staff could not be nicer! The facility is clean, + the décor is beautiful…I felt like I was staying in a 5 star hotel! I can’t say enough @ Watermark + the people who work here. Outstanding, especially, physical and occupational therapy.

Review by Tim L.


As soon as you walk into the lobby of the Watermark at Logan Circle, only one adjective will apply….ELEGANCE. The lobby is spacious and the floor is a muted color and looks as if it had just been polished. As you approach the desk, the receptionist smiles invitingly and questions “May I help you?” Of course she can and you are on your way. My husband and I are from the suburbs and we visited many senior living facilities before we made our choice to live at The Watermark. None of them offer the energy and excitement of bustling city so close to the Kimmel Center and the Academy of Music.          It’s easy to make new friends. Just join the many activities that are offered from art classes, current events discussions and too many more to mention.  And the food! I would run out of superlatives if I wrote about the varied menu that is offered. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate the Watermark at Logan Circle a 12.

Review by Bernice L.

I have lived at the Watermark for better than 7 years. Moving to the Watermark was the best thing I could have done at any time in my life. The people are amazing that live here; the staff is also amazing, kind and considerate. Everything you could possibly want is more than available. The food is delicious and the entertainment that is provided by the Watermark is spectacular. There are classes in art, French, Yiddish, etc. and many opportunities to go to special places with the Watermark bus. From when I moved in until today, 4/24/18, this has been the best move I have ever made. It is the best choice I could have made for myself. I have been on a vacation since I have moved in. It is much like being on a cruise ship the rest of your life. The entertainment and the food is par excellent. There is no better place to be. I moved to the Watermark at age 74 and now at 82 I wish I could have been here all of my life. The are activities all day that are wonderful and expand the mind. The people are very friendly and I am sure your experience will be as good as mine and maybe better.

Review by Clara S.