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April 27, 2018

Yelp Review – The Best Move I Have Ever Made

I have lived at the Watermark for better than 7 years. Moving to the Watermark was the best thing I could have done at any time in my life. The people are amazing that live here; the staff is also amazing, kind and considerate. Everything you could possibly want is more than available. The food […]

Review by Clara S.

April 20, 2018

Google+ Review – A Stress-Less Wonderful Life

In a few months, it will be five stress-less, wonderful years living at the Watermark and this could be you. I say stress-less and wonderful because the residents here have whatever one needs or desires to have this kind of life. Let me elaborate: the quality of our food and the dining experience is given […]

Review by Doris Levin

April 20, 2018

Google+ Review – A Great Move for Mom

My sister and I moved our mom here 12 years ago after my father passed away. She was only 80 and in good health at the time and continues to live in the independent area at 92. It took her a while to get used to it but she will tell you now it is […]

Review by Bonnie Eisner

October 16, 2017 Review – Plenty to Do & Excellent Value

The entry fee at The Watermark at Logan Square is something we could afford, unlike other places. It isn’t cheap, but we like everything they have. The food is good, and my mom’s apartment is really nice. They have activities and amenities where the seniors don’t have to go out if they don’t want to. […]

Review by Pat

November 15, 2016

SeniorAdvisor Review – Beautiful Community

I really enjoyed my tour of this community. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. The place was very open and pleasant to walk through. The community offered a mixture of activities which I enjoyed. The reason we did not choose this community was simply because my loved one was not ready for this level […]

Review by Philadelphia, PA Visitor

August 15, 2016

Google+ Review – My parents felt “at home” almost instantly.

My folks moved into the independent living section 10 months ago. And, they felt “at home” almost instantly. The professional staff worked with us in customizing/decorating the apartment to suit my parents’ need. And, the overall orientation process was pleasant and easy. While the spacious apartment allows my parents their privacy, they also enjoy the […]

Review by Stuart Moss

July 12, 2016

Yelp Review – A terrific and extremely positive experience every step of the way.

My 88 year old mom recently moved to the Watermark from another independent living facility in the suburbs. Taking advantage of a discounted rate, we made the decision quickly and it has been a terrific experience. From scheduling several site visits to the application process to the move to the amazing welcome – it has […]

Review by Cathryn C.

April 6, 2016

Yelp Review – Casino Night event was a hit!

The Community Life Team put on a Casino night. It was the best event that I have been to in a retirement community. They had horse racing, Blackjack, Texas hold em, Roulette, and Craps. The entire Management team were dealers and cocktail servers. The residents were having so much fun and talking about making it a monthly event. Way […]

Review by Charlie H.

April 6, 2016

Yelp Review – Like Staying at a 5 Star Hotel

I have had the privilege of rehabbing @ Watermark 2 times. The care is phenomenal + the staff could not be nicer! The facility is clean, + the décor is beautiful…I felt like I was staying in a 5 star hotel! I can’t say enough @ Watermark + the people who work here. Outstanding, especially, physical and occupational therapy.

Review by Tim L.

March 28, 2016

SeniorAdvisor Review – The staff are friendly and caring.

I would give The Watermark at Logan Square top marks across the board, our experience has been a very positive one. The place is clean and nice looking, and the staff are friendly and caring. They’ve got a lot to provide for the residents, and do a great job looking out for everyone!

Review by Philadelphia, PA Family

March 28, 2016

Facebook Review – The amount of programs and activities for the residents is fantastic.

The Watermark is truly amazing. The amount of programs and activities for the residents is fantastic. They have a bus that loops the city every hour. The views of the city from the apartments are breathtaking. I am truly happy to be working here and be able to provide such deluxe accommodations to our existing […]

Review by Alex Berol

February 23, 2016

Yelp Review – On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate The Watermark a 12!

I’M IN HEAVEN…..I LIVE AT THE WATERMARK AT LOGAN CIRCLE. As soon as you walk into the lobby of the Watermark at Logan Circle, only one adjective will apply….ELEGANCE. The lobby is spacious and the floor is a muted color and looks as if it had just been polished. As you approach the desk, the receptionist smiles […]

Review by Bernice L.

August 26, 2015

Google+ Review – A remarkable place to work.

I am a recent addition to The Watermark at Logan Square and I have to say it really is a remarkable place to work. The residents who live here are very welcoming and incredibly easy to work with, they are understanding and patient. I enjoy walking into the dining room everyday greeting and talking with […]

Review by April MacDonald

June 11, 2015 Review – I’m glad my friend is at Watermark.

My friend has been in the “Memory Gardens” unit, which is the only locked area in the building. He has a wonderful, caring staff who learned his “ways” and work to help him to integrate with the other residents. His unit (a very large, private room) is kept clean by staff, even though he tends […]

Review by Alfredo2

May 20, 2015

Google+ Review – I feel comfortable knowing my parents are here, safe and happy.

My parents have lived at the Watermark for a few years now and I am very pleased with the care and attention they have received thus far. I was particularly impressed with the Marketing and Sales team. Ever since my parents made their decision to move in, it was comforting to know that we had […]

Review by Janet Smith

March 12, 2015

Google+ Review – Treated with care, understanding and dignity.

My friend in the Memory Garden section of the nursing facility has memory issues. It is the only locked area in the facility. He receives excellent attention from the staff who know him and treat him with care and understanding and always dignity. Many of that staff have been there over 10 years. Among the […]

Review by Bert Gregory

February 24, 2015 Review – The complete package.

Aaaahh.. talk about retiring in style. This is the complete package if you ask me. Has a five-star hotel themed setting and comes with everything one requires; a fitness center, barbershop and lady’s salon, massage parlor, chefs, a bar, front patios and balconies that over-look the rest of the city and a 24 hour staff […]

Review by elemide

February 24, 2015 Review – Feels like a luxury hotel, and like home at the same time.

Our love affair began a few weeks ago when the dream of living in center city Philadelphia became a possibility. Now a reality for me and my husband for one week, The Watermark feels like a luxury hotel, and like home at the same time. An extraor-dinarily friendly and helpful staff, fine restaurant eager to […]

Review by Myrna Bloom Marcus

February 6, 2015

Google+ Review – Oh how do I love thee…

Watermark at Logan Square…how do I love thee, let me count the ways…(borrowed from some poet,whose name escapes me. I AM 77,for goodness sake!) The general environment, inside and outside, is lovely and reminiscent of a fine home on a grand estate. Further in this beautiful place one feels, and indeed, is safe. Security staff […]

Review by Rockyeveryman

February 6, 2015

SeniorAdvisor Review – A very attractive place!

Watermark is a very attractive place! I met staff who found time to give me a wonderful tour and answer my questions. I felt comfortable there and know why the residents are very happy to be living there!!

Review by A Place For Mom Customer

February 6, 2015 Review – Nice neighborhood.

I took a short tour at Watermark, but it was a nice facility. They have one with a little kitchenette and two bedrooms that I really liked. It’s a nice neighborhood, and they have shuttles that will take you into town where you can reach hospitals and shopping centers. The people that were showing us […]

Review by Caring0521

February 6, 2015 Review – The food is delicious!

We found The Watermark (The Watermark at Logan Square) for my father. It is a beautiful place. The staff is great. They’re excellent. Regarding the room, it is clean. They re-did everything. They re-did the closet and re-painted the wall. It looked like brand new. Food is delicious. With regards to activities, they have trips. […]

Review by Caring95553550

February 6, 2015 Review – A lot of activities.

I liked Watermarks better, and it is also in town. It seemed friendlier, more amenable, and a nice place in general. There seemed to be a lot of activities. It seems really pretty, clean, and they had a shuttle. It is a very nice place; they had a nice library, they had offered courses — […]

Review by Shelby5

February 6, 2015 Review – It’s like a high class hotel.

“I have a brother-in-law at The Watermark and a couple of friends. They’re happy that they’re there. It’s very posh. It’s very expensive. I’ve had meals there. The food is absolutely top shelf, and the accommodations, depending on what you’re paying for, can be deluxe. It’s definitely the nicest place. Their dining room is super. […]

Review by Jean48