Cape May Zoo

The Springs residents enjoyed a wonderful extraordinary outing to the Cape May County Zoo. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! It took some time to arrive, so we took advantage of the extra time by playing word games and reminiscing about past trips to the shore and what shore point we all liked to visit the most. We arrived with excitement and anticipation about what we would see while on our adventure throughout the zoo. We where pleasantly surprised to see the lions awake and posing for us, as if they were expecting our visit. We got to feed the goats and we where chased by turkeys that roamed freely in the zoo, that was an absolute hoot! Rita Nolfi, resident of The Springs, unexpectedly hand fed a peacock! This was an extraordinarily fun trip. I have to thank my wonderful staff Victoria Scretching, Andrea Banks and Michael Bongiorno for making this trip the best it could be.

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