Brewing up fun in Philadelphia!

For the past year, The Watermark at Logan Square has provided an educational course on beer. The course covers all the basics of the art of brewing while introducing our residents to many different varieties of beer ranging from tiny local microbrews to huge commercial breweries. As instructors, Bryan Caruth and Garett O’Neill have provided residents with knowledge of the brewing process while also providing samples of many different types of beers from around the world. On Thursday, May 8th, the beer class hit the road and toured Yards Brewery located right in the heart of Philadelphia. The residents were able to see firsthand how beer is created while sampling many selections. As the tour ended, the residents raved about what a great time they had and continued to celebrate their new memories throughout the evening back at the community. It appears that introducing the residents to the world of craft brewing has been a Watermark University recipe for success!

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