Birthday Wishes at 102!

Resident Evelyn Rosen of The Inn celebrated her 102nd birthday along with family and close friends at The Watermark at Logan Square on August 12th, 2015. Accompanied by family, residents and associates, Ms. Rosen enjoyed a well deserved afternoon of fun. Ms. Rosen is a sweet and loving young lady who is extremely quiet and reserved, however when she has something to say she knows how to get your attention. Residents and associates wanted to know what was Ms. Rosen’s secret to a long life? Ms. Rosen simply replied “treating people kindly”. 

Ms. Rosen’s family brought in a beautiful sheet cake along with refreshments for the celebration. When Ms. Rosen entered the room she was escorted to her table which had a beautiful arrangement of yellow roses. Anita Reiber of The Springs also celebrated her birthday along with family and friends. Ms. Rieber’s wonderful daughter Arlen brought in pizza, strombolis and cupcakes to top the party off! Residents had an excellent afternoon celebrating these two remarkable ladies who are especially loved by The Watermark family.

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