Birthday in the Park

We celebrated a very special birthday for a very special lady. Yesterday was Ann Thahler’s 102nd birthday! Ann has been in The Springs since 2008 but came from Independent Living where she lived for many years. Ann still enjoys reading a good book, classical music and being outdoors. It came to NO surprise that when I asked Ann what she wanted to do for her Birthday she naturally replied “I want to go outside!” So outside WE went, just Ann and I. We enjoyed talking about what kind of trees were around us. Although Ann had no idea what the internet was, I proceeded to Google a description of the tree we were sitting under. I showed Ann the images of the tree on my phone and she was amazed how this was even possible. I gave her my phone to let her read about what we were sitting under. Ann is not aware how much I admire her. So I stand silently while she reads and I watch her until she abruptly says “This is the best birthday I’ve had in years!” I can’t tell you just how much she means to me. I’m glad she had a nice birthday. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. – Marlene Stoppel, Community Life Director

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