An Afternoon of Poker Fun!

Residents of The Inn at Logan Square had a delightful afternoon of poker fun on April 20th. The dealer for the afternoon was extremely patient while explaining poker terminology & step-by-step instructions of the game. Residents sat around the felt lined table filled with anticipation to engage in this fun-filled game. The mixture of players was welcoming as some residents were previous poker players and some residents were learning for the first time. Each resident quickly gathered their chips and began to count them while making cautious movements and decisions to how much they were going to bet.

Once the residents became familiar with the game all bets were on as residents were ready to play. Associates were so kind to come assist the residents and offer some of their expert poker skills, while residents decided to hold or place a bet.

The afternoon was filled with excitement and comical events. Seeing the residents engage in poker jargon while bluffing their opponents, and the look of amazement that they displayed as they won the pot was incredible to see.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon!

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