Adventure Aquarium Outing!

On July 22nd, residents of The Gardens had a magnificent outing at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden New Jersey. Residents were in awe at the multitude of exhibits of sea life and wildlife, located at the aquarium. We could not have asked for a better day. The day that we visited there were several summer camps visiting so the residents got the best of both worlds, they not only enjoyed seeing the sea life, they also enjoyed seeing the children dance around with excitement at each exhibit. Some children were so kind to make small interactions with the residents. The Residents especially enjoyed the shark tunnel and the hippopotamus feeding. We learned so many interesting facts about each exhibit. Did you know that a hippopotamus lives about an average age of 45 years? Before our return to The Watermark residents got a chance to sit outdoors and look at the Delaware River Camden Waterfront. The view was extremely relaxing and refreshing. I think that I speak for everyone in saying the trip was an absolute success.

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