103 & still THRIVING!

It was a beautiful day in August, and a beautiful day to celebrate Anna Thalers 103rd Birthday! When I first started at The Watermark in 2011, this woman welcomed me with open arms and she instantly became my friend. Anna was a mere 98 years of age when we met and I thought WOW I hope I get to live that long. Anna’s hobbies are reading anything she can get her eyes on and being outdoors. As a child she ran a convenient store with her father and by the end of the day she couldn’t wait to be outside. This was her birthday wish as well as last year, to be outside and smell the fresh air, see children at play and feel the warm sun. This is a special time for Anna and I. We use to go to local eateries and take walks often. I enjoy spending time with her more than she knows. I took her to a local park and then to the beautiful fountain at Logan Square. The fountain was amazing because in the hot sun the kids where all playing in the fountain and when the wind blew just the right way we could feel the mist of the cool water on us. When we finally arrived back to the community, I had planned on everyone meeting us in the lounge to sing Happy Birthday to Anna with a special cupcake for her with 3 candles on it. I couldn’t fit 103 obviously! We all sung and had a cupcake to wish her another happy & healthy year.


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